11 January 2019

Lunchtime Concert

Today's lunchtime concert in the Cathedral was Laurence Lyndon-Jones playing the organ, and what an excellent performance it was, ranging from the rousing Music for the Royal Fireworks by George Frideric Handel to the calm Consolation in D-flat major by Nicolaus Bruhns. Organ music isn't everyone's cup of tea and my friend M isn't a huge fan but I do like it. M enjoyed some of it though.
We had our usual cheese and pickle sandwiches and tea, and M had a piece of malt loaf. I stuck to my resolution and resisted the cakes!

~Keep warm and well ~

Polly x


  1. I truly love the Fireworks music. I'm sure it was beautiful.

  2. Listening to Handel's Fireworks, musically exploding inside the cathedral sounds Exciting! No doubt the acoustics were phenomenal!

  3. I think I would enjoy some rousing organ music in a cathedral. I would definitely enjoy cheese and pickle sandwiches.


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