10 August 2017

Rain Rain Go Away

ok, so a few weeks ago I wanted rain for my garden and allotment, but there's just so much rain a person can take, so please for the love of God STOP. I don't think I have ever seen my lawn looking so green. With all this rain I can't do anything outside so I'm going to attempt to bring my blog up to date. 

I've been doing some work on my dolls house, and a bit of re-doing. After finishing the attic rooms I put the roof back on and - it wouldn't close properly! 

The top of the en-suite divider was just a few millimetres too long, it was sitting proud of the sloping walls 
that the roof rests on. Oh crap, extra work to correct it. 

Thankfully it wasn't as time consuming as I thought it would be. I had secured the divider with small dowels, all I had to do was drill three more holes in the divider, re-position the dowels, job done. 

It sits properly now.  
My current project is the bathroom, more of that later.

Staying on the subject of dollshouse, back in February I visited the Kensington Dollshouse Festival. This must be the Crème de la Crème of dolls house festivals. Exhibitors from around the world display their much talented work. I had a lovely day, saw a host of gorgeous miniatures that I couldn't afford and navigated the underground system with only two mistakes!! I have travelled solo to Australia, India, Africa and Everest, navigated through large international airports and tiny local airports, travelled in jeeps and trekked on foot to reach destinations but I still manage to board underground trains going the wrong way!! 

fancy a pharmacy

or a gym

maybe an operating theatre

or a café

a garden shed

a hotel

and yes, even a morgue

how cute are these baby things

I love rocking horses. 
I never had one but when I was a little girl my home town of Peterborough had a museum which had one on display and I was a regular visitor.

office with a 3D printer

child's steam engine and roundabout

this lovely blanket was crocheted using cotton thread and a 0.4 mm hook. Each square was then sewn together and two final rows crocheted around the edges. It took over 50 hours to complete. 

a bespoke dolls house for £17,000!! Made to your own spec. If I was wealthy I would definitely have one of these. It has openings on each side and the hallways go right through.

And finally this gorgeous masterpiece, an ancient stone trough planted with "Pearl Drift" roses, "Peter Pan" lavender and "Antioch" hostas. Now I get how exquisite this is and the time taken to create it, but £1,990, you can buy a really nice real life summer house for that!

I was specifically looking for a chandelier and bathroom items but there was very little bathroom stuff and the chandeliers started at £450!! 
I appreciate creating miniatures is a work of art but I can't help thinking that artisan is like vintage, just add those words and the prices increase.

I didn't leave empty handed though

I bought these for Mr Teen's room. The bottle of coke was £4 and the chocolate bar was £3. 
Sometimes I just lose control!!

Polly x 


  1. Hello Polly,
    Nice job fixing the roof and thank you for sharing the pictures from KDF.
    Big hug

    1. Thank you Giac. I must visit you to see what you have been doing :-) x

  2. Hello Polly, what a wonderful festival and exhibit. You did a great job on the dollhouse roof. I enjoy a chocolate bar once in while. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  3. Wow!! wonderful exhibits...

  4. Oh wow. My mother loved miniatures and had a small dolls house which she loved to fill. She would have been so fascinated with everything you photographed so beautifully, here. I just love the pharmacy in particular.

    1. Hello Hilary, the apparatus was actually working.

  5. Oh Polly! Thank you so much for coming to Marmelade Gypsy (and to Mike's blog for linking us) for I have become your newest follower. How I would love to see this exhibit! I would be overjoyed. I've long loved dollhouses and visit exhibits when they are near (like the Thorne Miniature Rooms and Colleen Moore's fairy castle in Chicago.) Long ago had a book on Queen Mary's dollhouse and I loaned it (and my Colleen Moore) book to someone and never saw it again. But I would be thrilled being here. I'll look forward to more posts!


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