12 July 2017

Kensington Palace

After the feast of Highclere Castle came the famine of Kensington Palace, all I can say is "Don't waste your money, you will be paying to walk around empty rooms". I was very disappointed. 

It has fine staircases, paintings and statues, beautiful floors and ceilings but empty rooms except for a couple of bedrooms. 
The exhibition of some of Princess Diana's dresses was very good, most of them have been seen in magazines or on the TV but it was nice to see them up close and real.
The day had been arranged with some American friends that I met when I did my Everest trek. They have visited London before and seen many of the visitor attractions but hadn't been to Kensington Palace and neither had I. They were happy with it though.
It wasn't a complete disappointment, we strolled through Kensington Park and the gorgeous gardens and we had a good lunch. We wanted to to the Orangery restaurant which looks beautifully posh and serene, but it was full so we went to the courtyard cafe which had a good selection of sandwiches, salads and scrumptious cakes. 

10 out of 10 for a great day with lovely friends

4 out of 10 for Visitor Satisfaction

Polly x 


  1. What a shame it didn't live up to expectation on the plus side it was nice to meet up with friends.

  2. Hello Polly,
    I am glad you had fun with your friends, but sorry the palace was such a disappointment.
    Big hug

  3. Sad it was a disappointment, but a fascinating place nonetheless - and a good time with friends.

  4. it looks so beautiful from outside, but quite disappointing that inside it is empty.. :(

  5. I've been to London many times and never visited Kensington Palace. But I like the Peter Pan statue in the park.

  6. I am glad you had fun with your friends, but sorry the palace was such a disappointment.


  7. I remember visiting KP years ago (like, about 45!) with my mom. I think I'd appreciate the history more now. I'm glad you could enjoy the gardens; pity about the palace. I wonder if the dress exhibit was the same one I saw touring the U.S. -- quite beautiful. And a good year to see it, I should think. There's Diana all over the states right now and it brings back loads of memories.


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