12 February 2017

The Dollshouse: Miss Teen's Room

At last I have finally finished one of the attic rooms which belongs to 16 year old Miss Teen. The main reason it has taken so long is that the rooms at the top of the dollshouse are not strictly 1:12. They start out as 1:12 but get slightly smaller on each floor. As a result it has been difficult finding furniture to fit. I cut the small round feet off the bed to make it fit better!

The wardrobe, dressing table, chest of drawers and bedside table all had plain gold coloured handles on them but I didn't like them so I replaced them with these sparkly pseudo diamantes. I also replaced the feet of this chest of drawers with the round ones I cut off the bed so they matched the wardrobe.
Lighting was a real headache. Each ceiling light I tried was too big, one actually touched the end of the bed! so I tried smaller ones, they were so small they just looked ridiculous. 

So after seeing something on youtube I decided to make one. I started with a cap from a drink bottle, burned a hole in the top

gently fitted it around the light bulb

and glued a strip of diamantes around it. 

I then decided to make a slightly different one using a bottle top with a wider flat neck and put diamantes on the top of it.

 I preferred the second shorter one with the diamantes on the top.

This lovely little light fitted perfectly in the corner on top of the bedside cabinet 

These little lights are fairy lights for a Christmas tree. 
The container they are in is what some Schwartz saffron threads were in

I made a plain sheet for the mattress, a pillow case with a lace trim, a top cover and put some lace on the top sheet.

I then made a small bolster for under the pillow.

I wanted a rug in shades of pink and it just so happened that I had some ribbons in my sewing box that had been there for years, (it pays to not throw stuff away).  I weaved them on a canvas base. It was a fiddly job and looks a mess here but it turned out well.

I made this little rug by sewing strands of wool into the canvas but looping the wool instead of pulling it right through, then cutting through the loops. 

I then sewed around the edges.

I think the en-suite needs another down light at the front, and I will add accessories around the bedroom, a dressing gown, a prom ball gown, make-up, perfume and some shopping bags, but for now it's finished, I need to crack on with Mr Teens room.  


  1. Wow!! so beautiful you've made..

  2. Such a beautiful room. Inspirational. Those little touches are a delight.

  3. So clever Polly, I love the rugs and the ceiling light and the bed linen! Changing those handles was inspired, it really lifts both those pieces making them look a million dollars! Any Miss Teen, especially mine, would love a room like that. I adore the Christmas lights, such a clever idea x

    1. Thank you Sarah, it was a labour of love, but I am so glad its finished :-) x

  4. I just love this. I wouldn't have the patience, skill - or inclination, if I'm being honest - to undertake a project like this. But I so admire it - it's simply stunning. What will you do with it when it's finished? It needs to go on show somewhere.

    1. Thank you Mike. I'm working on the other attic room now and then another 7 to do!! I haven't really thought about when it's finished, it will probably sit in a room in the house somewhere, it depends on how attached I become to it.

  5. Oh my gosh. How gorgeous. I'm impressed!

  6. I love this dollhouse..I almost feel like taking one of my daughters' out of the attic and freshening it up!

  7. I love this dollhouse..I almost feel like taking one of my daughters' out of the attic and freshening it up!

  8. Oh wow! My dolls house never looked as exotic as Miss Teen's. What a lucky girl. You are indeed very creative.
    Thank you for your lovely visit and have a great new week :)

  9. That is an incredible doll house!! Lucky girl! blessings ~ tanna

  10. What a lovely post! (This is like visiting someone's home and I always enjoy very much if a host gives me a tour of the house. :)) I didn't know you do this... and not only: you are so skillful in decorating. I love especially the rugs.
    And now I will follow the "dolls house" label to see more posts! xx

    1. Thank you Sara, I'm working on the other attic room at the moment x

  11. Wow!

    Simply precious!

    What work. What accomplishment.

    Luna Crone


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