8 September 2017

WI 100 Years On

Last November I joined the Women's Institute. We have a small group in the village, just 11 of us. We are of similar ages, we get along and like the same things. This year marks the centenary of the founding of Essex WI and of our village group. 
A few of our members can remember their mothers, aunties or neighbours belonging to the village group. 
We decided on two celebrations - back in June we had a lunch on our normal meeting day for us, and a larger do in the village hall a couple of weeks later. 

Our tables looked very pretty

One of our ladies made these lovely jars of flowers using doilies, ribbon and netting

We all contributed towards our meal

My contribution - a bacon quiche

Desserts were Eton Mess, fruit salad and the best tiramasu I have ever tasted. 
I forgot to take photos - too busy eating them!!

The sun was shining, the doors were open, the birds were singing.
It was a truly happy afternoon. 

And an added bonus, I won the raffle, this little bag of WI goodies

A tea towel, pen, coasters, notelets, a centenary celebration book, a notebook and a lovely
WI cook book which not only has lots of delicious recipes but tells the story of how it all began, 
with details of WI resolutions and historical facts from home and abroad from 1915 to 2015. 

I love my WI brooch   

For the larger party guests were invited from WI  headquarters including our 
county Chair, trustees and advisors, members from other institutes in our group, past members, 
and a few people from the village

In true WI style an afternoon tea of M&S sandwiches, lots of homemade cakes, 
and cups of tea were available for everyone to enjoy.

We had some lovely gifts in the raffle (I wasn't lucky with this one)

A display of skills learned at institute meetings over the the past 100 years along with kitchen memorabilia.

I think every household in the land had some of those yellow Tupperware containers

My mother had scales like these, she threw them out in favour of plastic, 
being lighter and easy to clean!

Displays of past and current ongoing projects

our award winning tree from a nearby village Christmas festival last year

with a tea party theme

Handicraft projects. 
On the left, the mauve with white spots square is part of one of two quilts I have made, 
and top right is a yellow knitted lap blanket, one of eleven I have made!  

The Essex Chordsmen entertained us with us their barbershop harmony

 Madam Chair cutting our birthday cake
Everyone had a most enjoyable time.

I've had quite a busy week, working on my allotment, a funeral, WI meeting and my book group meeting. 
Today I'm feeling a bit out of sorts, I have a slight a headache. 
The weather is wet and  miserable so it's a sofa day. 
I'm going to try to catch up reading the blogs I follow.

I hope you are well and have a good weekend.

Polly x 


  1. You HAVE had a full week. But that event is fabulous. I'd never heard of the WI until I watched Home Fires on our PBS station over the past year or two. What a good service then and it is clear form your post, now. The tables, food, displays -- everything looks wonderful. How lovely to be associated with such a worthwhile group.

    1. Hello Jeanie, yes I do enjoy being part of it.

  2. Such a wonderful institution and what a great celebration. Everything looks amazing. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thank you mama, the headache eventually went but I felt very tired and didn't move off the sofa much all day!


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