8 July 2016

A Good Week, except for the tooth!

The tooth, oh dear the tooth, I will come to that later. 

Last Saturday I visited the town where I used to live 7 years ago. For 17 of the 20 years I lived there I belonged to a drama group. This year is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the group and they had a bit of  do - a splendid dinner dance in a very nice golf club. It was a very special night, I hadn't seen some of the people for over 10 years, we had great fun talking, laughing and reminiscing over photographs, programmes and my scrap books that I started from my very first production. 

On Wed my gorgeous grandson competed in the high jump at the Essex Championships and came first. He is officially the best high jumper in Essex in year 7. I'm beaming with pride as I write this. 

And now the tooth, the broken tooth and not much left of the tooth. As I was biting into a sandwich I could feel something hard that was clearly not part of a soft sandwich. The eye tooth on the left of my mouth had broken, completely broken away leaving just the root part in the gum and jagged edges around it!!! Thank goodness there is no pain, I seem to remember many years ago a dentist removing the nerve for some reason and saying that eventually the tooth would die and fall out. The gap feels cavernous and looks horrendous but it doesn't show when I'm talking, I just have to remember not to laugh too heartily!! I have an appointment on Monday to see what my options are, goodness knows how much a repair is going to cost. I will keep you posted.

Last night my bookgroup met to discuss our latest book which we all agreed was a very good read, more about that later.

And to round off the week I'm joining some friends for a picnic at our sports field this evening, egg mayo sandwiches, ham sandwiches, pork pies, pate, crusty bread, cream scones, rocky road bites, Eton mess and lots of my favourite bubbly :-) The weather isn't as glorious as yesterday but it's sunny and warm, although I will definitely have to take a cardigan for later!!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. Congratulations to your Grandson, now that is impressive. Hope all goes well at the dentist.

  2. Sounds like a lovey week other than the tooth! Well done to your Grandson!


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