12 May 2016

Buster's Diary

Rufus Can Swim!

He didn't know he could until he went into a pond that was deeper than he thought! we're used to paddling around in shallow streams. We have been doing a longer route for our morning walks, SL thinks  it will help her shed the few extra pounds that she has put on over winter. What is it with humans and their weight?! The route takes us along the side of a stream that opens out into a small pond. Rufus was ahead of us so we didn't see him go in, we just heard a lot of thrashing around. When SL got there he had a desperate panic look in his eyes and was frantically swimming towards the bank. He reached the bank but fell back in again. SL dropped her backpack, got his lead out, talked to him and thought if she could get his lead on she could pull him out. She didn't need to, he made one more herculean effort and leapt up the bank, soaking SL in the process! she didn't mind though as long as he was safe. He ran around like a thing possessed, leaping up and around, it was like relief on adrenalin. I wonder if he will go in again now that he can swim? I won't, Lurchers aren't generally lovers of water.

We've both been in the wars with injured feet

first Rufus a few weeks ago

then me last week. And now Rufus is limping again! It's because we run around so much.

The scenery has been very pretty over the last few weeks, and now

Rufus is fine now, back to his manic self running around playing with his toys! 
Hope you have a good weekend


  1. Glad to hear that Rufus is back to full health. The blossom was stunning, a beautiful sight.

    1. Thank you mama. It's such a shame that all the really beautiful stunning blooms - fruit trees, magnolias, only last for a few days.

  2. Glad Rufus is ok. Gus has a tendency to let one paw drag slightly as it runs and often grazes it so I'm constantly bathing it for him. He is really odd when it comes to water, you can't even say bath around him because he runs away and hides and looks at you as though you are going to beat him but take him down to the river and he barks and barks until you throw a stick in for him to swim after - he loves it. Hope your foot is better now xx

    1. oh poor Gus. We're like that when it comes to bath time, I think it's because the river is fun but a bath is a chore. I heard them saying it was time for a bath soon, Rufus stays quite clean but I get really mucky. We're both fine now thank you xx

  3. Hello Polly,
    Poor thing! I'm glad all is well now. The pictures you took are just stunning!
    Big hug

    1. Hello Giac, thank you. All is well with both of them now. Rufus is sleeping beside me on the sofa as I type :-) x


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