24 June 2015

A Monastery and a Market

My daughter and I had a day trip to San Salvador Monastery and Felanitx Market. The monastery was a Benedictine monastery founded in 1011. At 500 metres high and overlooking Felanitx it's Majorca's second most important place of pilgrimage. Originally pilgrims had to walk the narrow paths to the summit, passing Stations of the Cross and stopping at the wayside shrine. It looked like it would be a nice walk. In 1961 a new road was built and visitors can now drive to the top, negotiating steep inclines and sharp turns, some of which needed a couple of forward and reverse manoueuvres by our coach driver!

Part of the monastery has been converted into a hotel. It has about a dozen satellites on the roof, cunningly concealed here by a tree!

The church within the monastery was very pretty inside, with a light show and music

The giant statue of Christ is 37 metres high.

A rare photo of moi, I'm usually behind the camera

I don't know if she was ferel or owned. She looked healthy and content.

I love a good market, and we were expected to haggle, which my daughter did with great gusto. My son-in-law has always done it but Amanda hasn’t until this holiday, there was no stopping her! Unfortunately we didn't have much time to spend here, barely enough time for lunch and to have a good look around.


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