21 December 2014

Udaipur, The City Palace

The City Palace, towering over the lake, is a conglomeration of buildings adorned by various maharajas, but still manages to retain a uniformity of design. Building was started by Maharaja Udai Sing II, the city’s founder. The palace has many balconies, towers and cupolas, and there are fine views over the lake and the city from the upper terraces. The palace is entered from the northern gate, the Baripol Gate (1600) and the Tripolia Gate (1725), with its eight carved marble arches. It was once a custom for maharajas to be weighed under the gate and their weight in gold or silver distributed to the populace. 
The main part of the palace is now preserved as a museum. It includes beautiful mosaics of peacocks, the favourite Rajasthani bird, glass and mirror work, a collection of miniatures and an impressive armoury section.

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