24 November 2014

Driving In India

Driving in India is not for the faint hearted, more a case of "Who Dares Wins". Traffic navigates around cows, goats, dogs and the occasional elephant. Tuk-Tuks and rickshaws compete with much larger vehicles for a space on the road. Cyclists and motor bikes squeeze into the tiniest spaces. Everyone wants to inch forward just a little more. Motor bikes and scooters are very popular. It's commonplace to see a family of 5 or 6 on a scooter. I saw a man taking his little girl to school, she was standing on the footplate between him and the handle bars!
On one of our journeys we saw two cows in the middle of the road, our driver slowed down as he approached them, but the oncoming bus driver didn't, he almost deliberately drove into them, one moved away but the other one wasn't quick enough, the corner of the bus caught it, thankfully it wasn't injured and strolled away, but it had broken one of the bus's headlights - we all cheered.
Many vehicles had notices on the back saying "Please use horn" which everyone does, with great enthusiasm!

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